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Sunrise Ticker


Theatre Development Fund (TDF) contracted Sunrise Ticker to replace the LED menu boards inside its landmark TKTS pylon signage in Times Square. Theatre-goers from all over the world flock to TKTS with the hope of snatching up discounted tickets for Broadway and Off-Broadway shows. As tickets are sold and more tickets become available throughout the day digital signage is the most efficient way to communicate updates to the crowds of ticket seekers who are prohibited from using cell phones while at the TKTS booth.

  • Each pylon has 2 LED screens. Each screen allows up to 16 lines of information.
  • LED screens scroll through pages of show titles, dates, times, and % of discount on the ticket.
  • Superbright LEDs are readable during peak sunlight hours, but light sensors dim the LEDs as the ambient sunlight changes throughout the day and evening.
  • Controller integration with the TKTS data system was a critical part of the success of this installation.
  • Text Height: .78 in.
  • LED Color: Amber