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LED Ticker Displays

Welcome to Sunrise SESA Technologies, the top destination for high-quality LED tickers engineered and manufactured in America.

There's no better way of displaying important information for businesses, financial institutions, and educational establishments than with high-quality tickers.

Our tickers serve as dynamic information hubs, offering real-time updates, stock market data, news, and customized messages to disseminate vital information effortlessly.

With a commitment to innovation and excellence, we build our LED tickers with cutting-edge technology, ensuring optimal performance, durability, and energy efficiency.

Whether enhancing office spaces, enriching educational environments, or providing real-time updates in financial settings, our LED tickers stand as the pinnacle of reliability and functionality in the industry.

Custom Stock Ticker Displays

Have a unique setting where you want to display stock market news that only an LED ticker board can? Our custom LED stock tickers conform to your existing space ⁠— not the other way around.

Our custom stock tickers and software are ideal for keeping your trading floor up to date on the ever-changing markets. 

With our cutting-edge custom stock tickers in your office, you'll stand out from the crowd and distinguish your space from the competition down the street.

LED News Tickers

In today's rapidly changing world, people like to stay up to date with recent news. 

A great way to keep your organization informed of the world is via led news tickers. You can display top news, entertainment, and sports headlines from around the world.

LED Crypto Ticker

Our LED tickers can be programmed to display any information you'd like ⁠— including crypto prices. If you know anything about crypto, it's that values are constantly in flux. A cryptocurrency ticker is one essential item for every crypto investor.

Straight LED Tickers

Straight LED tickers are the most common way of presenting information through ticker technology. We can customize straight LED tickers for as long as your space needs, and we've made straight digital ticker tape as long as hundreds of feet.

Circular LED Displays

We can wrap LED tickers into circular displays for a unique and creative viewing experience. Circular LED ticker tape displays work great when mounted on a ceiling.

Corner Wrapping

You don't have to let your space limit what you can do with LED ticker displays. Our custom displays are designed so they can handle corners without breaking a sweat. Whether you’re wrapping around a single corner or an entire room, our displays can do it all. No matter the shape of your space, we’ll make sure your stock tickers fit.

Curved LED Tickers

Have curved walls? No problem!

Don’t think you have to mount your LED ticker on a flat surface. We can bend our LED stock tickers to fit almost any surface. Our cabinets are flexible and designed to conform to the contours of your space.

Vertical LED Tickers

Rotating an LED ticker vertically spices things up and provides a unique perspective. Breaking the conventional rules adds excitement and sets your business apart from the rest.

Photon Play System

The Photon Play Controller is a push-based subscription service that provides a continuous stream of dynamic content to your LED ticker signs. The Photon Play Software can receive, format, and render the content compatible with any SST ticker LED sign. Photon Play is capable of displaying information in unique combinations of letters and numbers using either default static messaging or a continuous stream of messages at different speeds.

Inform With LED Ticker Displays

Get your message out to your audience.

Ticker tape is a tried and true method for displaying all sorts of information. Even the blandest room can be brought to life by the timeless appearance of ticker tape. 

Delivering essential information in today's fast-paced world requires technology that constantly adapts. That's why our LED tickers can easily display whatever you'd like, whether that be stock prices, the most recent news, sports scores, and much more.

We offer our LED tickers with a variety of looks to perfectly suit your space. If you can visualize it, we can design and execute it.

Whether you're looking for school tickers, news tickers, stock tickers, or general LED scrolling signage, our engineering team has you covered.


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Frequently Asked Questions About LED Ticker Displays

What are LED ticker tape displays?

Ticker tape displays use cutting-edge technology to convey important information through text or animated messaging. On one line, clients frequently show their own information or advertisements, while on the other, stock and financial data is streamed.

How do LED ticker displays work?

LEDs, also known as light-emitting diodes, are solid-state devices that transform the electrical energy they receive directly into light of a single hue. LEDs do not result in any unnecessary energy loss in the form of heat since the technology that they utilize to generate light is referred to be "cool." In this method, the majority of the energy is transferred throughout the visible spectrum.

LED tickers utilize this modern technology to display important information, whether that be stock prices, financial information, news, and more.

What can you use an LED ticker display for?

LED tickers are versatile — you can use them to display any important information that you choose. 

Some common uses for LED ticker displays include:

  • Displaying stock prices
  • Displaying information about the financial markets
  • Giving directions in travel hubs such as airports and bus terminals
  • News headlines
  • Advertisements
  • Anything you can think of!
More than 50,000 feet of ticker displays installed.
Sunrise Ticker has partnered with artists and designers all over the world.  We offer standard, semi-standard, and completely custom ticker display solutions to meet the needs of whatever aesthetic your design is aiming to achieve.  
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