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Delivering essential information in today's fast-paced world is constantly adapting.Our LED tickers have stock, sports, news, and custom applications from marquee signs to custom installations, engineering an idea from a vision to reality. If you can visualize it, we can design and execute it beyond your expectations. Creating LED ticker displays for news, stocks, sports, and custom messaging gives us a firm informational footprint in the community -- supporting local organizations to better serve their communities through installations that consider the local and personal impact of the space. 

Frequently Asked Questions About LED Ticker Displays

What are LED ticker tape displays?

Ticker tape displays use cutting-edge technology to convey important information through text or animated messaging. On one line, clients frequently show their own information or advertisements, while on the other, stock and financial data is streamed.

How do LED ticker displays work?

LEDs, also known as light-emitting diodes, are solid-state devices that transform the electrical energy they receive directly into light of a single hue. LEDs do not result in any unnecessary energy loss in the form of heat since the technology that they utilize to generate light is referred to be "cool." In this method, the majority of the energy is transferred throughout the visible spectrum.

LED tickers utilize this modern technology to display important information, whether that be stock prices, financial information, news, and more.

What can you use an LED ticker display for?

LED tickers are versatile — you can use them to display any important information that you choose. 

Some common uses for LED ticker displays include:

  • Displaying stock prices
  • Displaying information about the financial markets
  • Giving directions in travel hubs such as airports and bus terminals
  • News headlines
  • Advertisements
  • Anything you can think of!
More than 50,000 feet of ticker displays installed.
Sunrise Ticker has partnered with artists and designers all over the world.  We offer standard, semi-standard, and completely custom ticker display solutions to meet the needs of whatever aesthetic your design is aiming to achieve.  
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