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Corporate & Business Ticker Displays

Why Sunrise Business Tickers?

When it comes to corporate LED signage, customizable solutions are vital to the success of a design in reflecting an organization’s values and vision. Sunrise Ticker understands the challenges of designing and implementing LED signage solutions that fit the intended form and function. We offer standard, semi-standard, and completely custom product solutions to meet the needs of whatever aesthetic your design is aiming to achieve.  

Here are some important aspects to consider when evaluating LED signage solutions for a project:

  • Transparency
  • Low profile
  • Small/Large Size
  • Ease of programming
  • Dynamic content integration

Sunrise can provide solutions for any and all of these functional objectives. We are your partner for the design, manufacturing, and support of your LED display.

For more help with planning your LED sign project, ask for our whitepaper.



Corporate LED Ticker Projects

Visit our project gallery for pictures and details on successful corporate LED signage installations. These corporate environments brilliantly integrate LED technology in ways that reflect the essence of each brand: