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School Tickers For Colleges & Universities

Sunrise Ticker has been providing LED signage to educational facilities for decades meeting their needs to stay up to date with evolving technology. Whether the solution is digital donor signage, aesthetically arranged LED school tickers, or a landmark video wall for the campus, Sunrise Custom Tickers can fit any environment.

Styles of Tickers & LED Displays for Schools

We carry a large variety of LED school ticker displays for all of your institution’s needs! If you are looking to get a concise message out you may be interested in our MST ticker option. The single-line MST display is perfect for broadcasting any text-based messages such as school alerts and alarm system announcements. Looking to display a bit more information than a single line message? Our TKR ticker signage is perfect for a variety of architecture & projects. Explore the TKR display for any project from a university financial lab ticker solution, installing a stock ticker in business schools to showing some school pride and beyond! We also offer custom school ticker solutions to entertain and inform your faculty & student body.

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