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School Tickers For Colleges & Universities

Sunrise SESA has been providing LED school tickers to educational facilities for decades so that they can keep their campus up-to-date with what's going on in the world.

We engineer and manufacture led school tickers for universities and other educational institutions at Sunrise SESA. The led school tickers are a great way to notify students of upcoming events, such as club meetings or exam dates. The tickers are also a great way to advertise for campus organizations or businesses. We are proud to offer our services to educational institutions and help them promote student engagement on campus!

There are countless ways you can use LED tickers in educational settings. Whether the solution is digital donor signage, aesthetically arranged LED school tickers, or a landmark video wall for the campus, Sunrise Custom Tickers can fit any environment.

Styles of Tickers & LED Displays for Schools

We carry a large variety of LED school ticker displays for all of your institution’s needs!

If you are looking to get a concise message out you may be interested in our MST ticker option. The single-line MST display is perfect for broadcasting any text-based messages to students and staff throughout a campus, such as the day's schedule, events, announcements, and even emergency messages.

Looking to display a bit more information than a single-line message? Our TKR ticker signage is perfect for a variety of architecture & projects.

TKR LED school tickers are a great way to promote a school and its events in the community. They can be used to promote sporting events and other special occasions. Explore the TKR display for any project from a university financial lab ticker solution, installing a stock ticker in business schools to showing some school pride and beyond!

We also offer custom school ticker solutions to entertain and inform your faculty & student body. We put a lot of thought and investment into engineering and manufacturing custom LED displays for schools.

If your educational institution is in need of custom school tickers or other displays, we'll work with you to design and create displays that meet your specific needs and requirements. We use high-quality materials and components to ensure that our displays are durable and long-lasting.

Stock Tickers for Classrooms

In today's classrooms, it's becoming increasingly important to provide students with real-world experiences that can help prepare them for life outside of the classroom. One way to do this for students who will be going into the financial sector is by introducing stock tickers into the classroom.

School stock tickers give students an opportunity to take part in hands-on learning about stocks and investing. It allows them to see how the market fluctuates and how stocks are trading in real time. Additionally, stock tickers can be used as a teaching tool for economics classes, helping to demonstrate basic economic principles such as supply and demand, inflation, and risk management. 

The introduction of stock tickers into classrooms has multiple benefits for students. Not only does it give them experience with managing investments in a safe environment, but it also teaches them how to make informed decisions when investing their money later on in life.

School Stock Tickers in Action

Want to see what our school stock tickers look like in real life? Below, you'll find some of our custom school stock tickers in some of North America's top universities:

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